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Working from Home

Source, hire and manage your Indonesia team with ease

How we value add

Recruitment agency. Co-working space. Market development services. 

All-in-one service provider for your venture in Indonesia. 

Venture into Indonesia market without overspending

Provision of business functions to aid your go-to-market strategy
Proper hiring of staff in Indonesia to represent your company

Establish your credibility with a local office address

Our Services

We offer a full suite of recruitment services and manage the entire process from recruitment, onboarding, attendance tracking and social security payment (BPJS). You can just focus on building your business in Indonesia.

  • Quality

We put our candidates through stringent assessment during the interview process and ensure that only the best candidate is hired.


  • Staff productivity and welfare

We understand the challenges of building a remote team. We constantly monitor staff performance and welfare to optimize productivity for you.

  •  Cost-savings

We make it cheaper for you through provision of shared office, business amenities and supervisory roles.


  • Full control

Your staff only works for you and you have full freedom in staff management


  • Full compliance

We take care of the tax and HR-related compliance for your staff according to the local regulation.

Our Partners


Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Whenever you are ready, we are happy to meet via virtual session to better understand your needs. 

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