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Our Services

Our Services

We offer a full suite of recruitment services and manage the entire process from recruitment, onboarding, attendance tracking and social security payment (BPJS). You can just focus on building your business in Indonesia.


  • Quality

We put our candidates through stringent assessment during the interview process and ensure that only the best candidate is hired.


  • Staff productivity and welfare

We understand the challenges of building a remote team. We constantly monitor staff performance and welfare to optimize productivity for you.


  •  Cost-savings

We make it cheaper for you through provision of shared office, business amenities and supervisory roles.


  • Full control

Your staff only works for you and you have full freedom in staff management


  • Full compliance

We take care of the tax and HR-related compliance for your staff according to the local regulation.

1. Understand your needs

First and foremost, we will speak with you to understand your requirement for the job role.


2. Shortlist and interview

Our recruitment team will then shortlist candidates and conduct preliminary interviews for validation purposes.


3. Client interview and technical assessment

We will arrange for a second interview with you for shortlisted candidates. Technical assessment can also be arranged depending on the job role.


4. Offer and onboarding

We will manage the contract negotiation and document validation process to successfully onboard your new hire.


5. On-the-job supervision and support

Our HR team will monitor and support your team on the ground through close communication and customize work arrangements to optimize staff productivity and satisfaction.

Our Approach

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